From the idea to the assembly group.
Supported by EBG plastics.

As a part of the EBG group, EBG plastics is a future-oriented enterprise located in Ostrava. We are specialized on producing technical parts by injection moulding and compression moulding thermoplast and thermoset materials. We will let your projects come to life individually  in prototypes and small series - our high degree of flexibility will convince you!

Thermoplast processing

Let’s do thermoplast.
It’s our kind of technology.

With the expertise of many years in the processing of thermoplast and elastomere materials, we can offer you top quality products. Our Ostrava plant owns a large number of injection moulding machines for all kinds of requierements. And we are able to answer your individual demands in several languages.

Thermoset processing

Compressing.Different materials are possible.

Our thermoset processing abilities complement our thermoplast department perfectly. Our portfolio contains a range of sophisticated parts with high resilience requirements. Besides producing fully-automated free-falling parts, we focus on the production of semi-automated and personnel-intensive processes such as insert/outsert technology. No matter what your project calls for, we can always offer the matching process.


The perfect finish:
Assembling, bonding, glueing.

On special purpose machinery, we are able to bond or glue metal and plastic parts. Inserting lamps and contact units into plastic products is part of our work. If needed, we will also take on the purchasing of additional material.

Mould making

Precision moulds.
With perfect results.

In close collaboration with our partners, we design and create moulds according to your specification. For our experienced team, the first-class quality of our moulds is always top priority.

EBG plastics has more than 550 active moulds in constant use which are serviced and maintained in-house. In order to meet growing customer demand we are constantly enhancing our performance. We will develop precision moulds for you, too - just tell us your requirements.